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Radiant Beauty Vitality Program 

75 hour Certification (CEU) 

Increasing the Vitality Force
- Attract - Emanate - Illuminate - 

The FIRST program of its kind - Vibrant Skin and Vitality  

Awaken your Vitality Within

2-Month intensive program to learn how to rest, rekindle your inner fire and revive your glowing beauty 

"Are you tired of feeling that life has lost its sparkle?

And do you secretly worry that it's not life, but YOU that's forgotten how to sparkle?"

Vibrant Skin and Vitality are intrinsically linked. 

Bathing Rituals
Vitality-Boosting Meditations

Energizing Breath Work  

...and uniquely formulated Female Tantric Serums and specific female practices to increase Sensual and Creative Energy. 

The Yoga of Vitality and Beauty - Ancient Technology for Modern Aesthetic Living

It’s time to let the toxicity fall away like the autumn leaves, time to shed the old you and awaken your luminous self

  • Stimulate your vital force with high frequency Ayurvedic Bathing Rituals 

  • Boost cell vibrancy with precise movements combined with breath (DNA activation) cellular recovery meditations (mitochondria superchargers) and other powerful methods.

  • Receive monthly your skin scrubs, complete care face package products and uniquely formulated Female Tantric Serums 

  • Daily vitality-boosting practices available through your easy-to-use student portal

  • Generate happiness hormones like endorphins dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin

  • Deeply cleanse muscles, mind and skin of toxic residue

  • Hydrate and replenish from the inside out with simple monthly internal cleanses

  • When you join, you will gain access to curated yogic knowledge, and how to apply it in daily life to be joyous and radiant in all your future moments.

    I don’t want anyone to be left behind, or to not live to their full potential and vibrancy.

    Knowing these technologies improves your life, and your future, and also your family and friends. 

    Rae Indigo's Radiant Beauty Vitality Program 

    Begins Saturday, Oct 2nd 2021 

    This is a 2-month program that requires some daily activities.
    Over these 2 months, you will receive monthly complete care packages for your face, scrubs for neck, hands, body, lymphatic skin brush, uniquely formulated tantric serums and much more. 

    You will have an easy-to-access portal with recorded teachings on how to increase your vital force and vibrancy of your skin.

    You can also join a series of live calls and live Q&A's so that I can personally guide you in how to prepare your skin for radiant beauty and how and when to apply your products for best results.

    When you increase Vitality by being specific communication with your skin, you affect your energy levels and your primal exuberance for life. 

    Through exceptional exfoliation and potent Chakra meditations, you will rid yourself of the partial decay that drags you down and holds you back. 

    Hatha yoga teaches us how to create Well-Living. 

    The purpose of Yoga is not just a therapy, but to awaken the latent potential each being is born with, but which slowly falls asleep through the duration of your life.

    Experience the Power Within. 

    You will emanate your natural state of being and there's never been a time that's more needed in the world.  

    Of course, your natural state of being is beautiful, kind powerful, harmonious , bringing uplift to all you meet. 

    Dear Yogis

    With the Radiant Beauty Vitality Program we have an opportunity to reclaim our youthful vitality and exuberance so that we radiate our fire within bringing warmth to those who's lives we touch.  

    Nothing is more fun than success. 

    This program include skin detoxes, hydrations, meditations, emotional practices, and other harmonizations from Hatha yoga.

    Instead of a quick fix that looks fake, or worse, what I am offering you are effective, time-tested practices to ensure vitality, beauty and strength and to increase the life force in ourselves.

    We can stop the downward spiral of partial decay and the slowing down of our vital energies. We can actually reverse this and become more energized, vitalized, enthusiastic and of course, beautiful.

    Don't believe it is true? Yoga has stuck around for a long, long time (over 5000 years), but many of the technologies have been lost, edited or forgotten in the current way yoga has been hijacked by mainstream commercialization.

    It was not always this way, my father and my dear teacher, Ranjani (Dr. Mary-Elaine Cobo) were very much focused on the aspects I am offering in this program.

    This program does require weekly dedication, and at first it might not be fun to spend extra time increasing our vital force and reinvigorating our skin and appearance.

    But I can ensure you steady daily improvement leading to exuberance, and with the full 2 months, you will experience a major change in both your vitality and in how your skin feels and glows so that your spirit shines bright again. 

    Each month you will receive new products, and meditations which build on the previous material. It will be very cool for you to witness your own progress. Nothing is more encouraging than real success.

    Included in your monthly boxes will also be gifts and samples to share with friends and family in case you want to help others shine brighter as well.

    Rae Indigo

    Radiant Beauty Vitality Program Summary

  • Hydrate and replenish from the inside out with simple cleansing practices.

  • Find your youthful vitality again with uniquely formulated tantric serum.

  • Begin each week with a live class on how to use your products.

  • Enjoy explanations of the powerful meditations from Yoga for Vitality..

  • Your box of goodies could not be fresher, or made with more care.

  • Short Daily Vitality Videos including movements, meditations and breath work.

  • Everything you need for revitalizing face, neck, body, hands and feet.

  • Lifetime access to the Radiant Beauty Community.

  • All teachings are recorded, so if you cannot make the live class, you can access later.

  • What's Included in the Program 

    2 Months of Weekly Live Instructional and Meditation Calls with Rae.

    12 months access to the Membership Area - where all call recordings and short daily practice videos can be replayed at any time.

    20-mins Private One-to-One Consultation with Rae - to assess your individual needs in the program.  

    Daily Practice Videos - to learn vitality-creating movements, meditations and breathwork.


    2 Months supply of uniquely formulated Tantric Serum - to maximize female vitality 


    2 Months supply of Highest Quality Skin Scrubs - alternating between abrasive, hydrating, and detoxing scrubs for face, hands, feet and full body - delivered monthly😜.


    2 Months Subscription of Formula Flawless Skin Serums - delivered monthly.

    Rae will help you choose between F1-F5 during your 20-min consult.

    Each month you will also receive Formula Flawless Skin Glow, plus the F10 Finishing Serum


    The vital force is directly tuned with water and can be specifically enhanced with yogic bathing rituals on the Full and New Moons. Therefore also included is 2 packages per month of artisanal deconstructed bath bombs and meditations for these monthly rituals.


    2 Months Supply of Silky Radiance Lavender Rose Aromatherapy Body Cream


    Total $2,450 (or 4 monthly payments of $649)

    Includes all Products and Teachings for the full Program.

    + 75 hrs World Yoga Institute Certification* - Hatha Yoga.

    *Counts towards 300hrs Hatha Yoga Certification 


    No questions asked, 14-day money back guarantee.

    Just let me know within 14 days of beginning the program, and I will refund you fully. I believe in my products, and programs and create them to bring happiness and wellbeing.  

    So if for any reason this doesn’t work out for you, you have no risk, just let me know.

    For My Dad

    I am leading this series of Hatha Yoga programs and courses as a dedication to the memory of my father, who taught me hatha yoga practices from childhood.

    And in his memory, let’s make the world a more radiant place.

    *This is a photo of us on a hike from summer 2020.

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