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Chakra Secrets of Truth and Beauty Program

Balancing the 5 Elements for Beauty, Power and Life.

*includes 100hrs Yoga Alliance Certification.

Dare to challenge what you can be!

Connect to Nature's 5 Elements to Restore your Passion, Inner Strength and Beauty.

"Embrace the powers of nature, because those who dare to be fully alive change the world with every footstep."

3-month program* for Radiant Energy -
*Program is spread over 4 months with some weekends off. This way if you do need to enjoy a few weeks of vacation, you will be able to catch up on the recordings, so need to stress.

Enjoy a guided journey home to you, using:-
~ sacred nature rituals
~ chakra meditations
~ healing flower & berry teas
~ full body Ayurvedic skincare

...and become who you secretly knew you were always meant to be.

Daily Chakra Meditations using your Personal 4 Sided Crystal Vajra.

Includes Collection of Chakra Radiant Flowering Teas

It is not your fault if you haven't heard about these ancient yoga practices, they are not part of the yoga studio model.

Everything in life requires attention and detail, or it degenerates.

From relationships, laundry, car, work, hair, nails nothing escapes this rule. How you feel in relation to your physical appearance, social appearance, personal ability, closeness with others, connection to life. Nothing escapes this rule.  

I don't like this fact either, but here we are. 

What I can help you with is how to reverse this effect for how you feel about yourself and the people in your life

This includes how you feel about communicating with the elementals around you.

For instance, balancing the water element effects physical attributes such as skin - face, under-eyes, neck, hands, hair and it includes feeling good in every place you show up in your life... this is a rare and precious knowledge.

It involves changing how you feel in your own life, how to adjust your body and your soul by engaging in sacred Chakra Yoga Rituals and harnessing the power of the 5 Elements of nature.

The material in this program involves specific meditations, emotional yoga, and using the right cleansing and nourishing products.

The Chakra Secrets of Truth and Beauty Program reveals the ancient yogic secrets that lead you to the path outside of the ordinary where impossible becomes real in a life journey that shines.

Let's not waste anymore of your precious life on gimmicks, fads, and ineffective watered-down yoga practices.

Knowing these technologies improves your life, and your future, and also your family and friends. 

So what does Chakra mean in Meditation & Yoga?

Chakra is a term that refers to energy centers located throughout your body. The spinning disks of energy should remain “open” and aligned at all times, since they correlate to bundles of nerves, major organs, and sections of our energetic body that influence our emotional and physical well-being.

Activating the energy centers along the spine, commonly known as the Chakras, is one of the goals of meditation & yoga. 

Chakra yoga is a style of yoga practice that incorporates diverse components of other yogic & meditation traditions, including tantra, hatha, bakti, jnana and raja yoga. In this program you will learn a series of physical, emotional and meditation rituals.

Chakra systems you will learn in this program:-

Root System - Stability vs. Fear
Sacral System - Vitality vs. Anxiety
Solar Plexus System - Force vs. Illumination
Heart System - Love vs. Calculation
Throat System - Communication vs. Space Collapse

The Yoga of Beauty and Emotions - Ancient Technology for Modern Aesthetic Living

It’s time to remove the heavy layers of emotions from your body, soul and mind so that the beauty of your inner glow shows brighter.

  • Make eyes bright, sparkling and improve visual skill using eye washing, eye yoga

  • Boost cell vibrancy with precise movements combined with breath (DNA activation) cellular recovery meditations (mitochondria superchargers) and other powerful methods.

  • Receive monthly your skin scrubs, face products, scalp scrubs, body oils and other magic potions needed for each month’s purifications.

  • Exfoliate decayed remnants of past emotions with the Chakra Yoga.

  • Generate happiness hormones like endorphins dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin

  • Deeply cleanse muscles and skin of toxic residue

  • Hydrate and replenish from the inside out with our specially curated blooming flower teas.

  • When you join, you will gain access to curated yogic knowledge, and how to apply it in daily life to be joyous and radiant in all your future moments.

    I don’t want anyone to be left behind, or to not live to their full potential and vibrancy.

    Knowing these technologies improves your life, and your future, and also your family and friends. 

    Rae Indigo's Chakra Secrets of Truth and Beauty Program

    Begins after 4th July Weekend 

    This is a 3 month program that requires some daily activities. Over these 3 months, you will receive monthly packages with complete skin care for the face, neck, hands, feet and full body, including eye washing tools, skin brushes and much more.

    You will also receive a set of specially curated blooming flower teas for inner balance and outer radiance.  

    You will have an easy-to-access portal with recorded teachings on how to prepare your teas, exfoliate your skin and emotions, how to prepare your skin for radiant beauty and how and when to apply your skincare products.

    You can also join a series of weekly live calls and live Q&A's so that I can personally guide you towards best result

    You will get glowing skin and a renewed attitude towards life.

    Through regular exfoliation and detox, you get rid of dead cells, black and white heads which clogs the skin and result in acne. Skin detox helps you maintain flawless radiant skin and flush out waste which could result in infection. Flush germs from the layers of the skin and enrich it with minerals and hydrate with our 100% fresh serums and creams. 

    When you detox your skin you also affect energy levels and emotions..

    With treatments combined with meditation to literally shed our old skin, patterns, emotions, habits, and continually renew and refresh ourselves with prana, the vital force. Through light scrubbing, skin conditions like eczema and rashes can be prevented and through our curated flower teas your skin and body will feel refreshed, detoxed and fortified.  

    Chakra yoga teaches us how to do daily connections with elemental energies. 

    You will feel more confident in your own skin as you harmonize your psychic-emotional information centers, also known as Chakras. You will have tools to communicate with the elements of nature and balance your Chakras using ancient Yogic science including specially selected, hand-carved, 4-sided crystal Vajra used to amplify your meditations.  

    Dear Yogis

    We have spent an awesome 5 days together... And now, we have an opportunity to create a much bigger change in our lives, and the lives of those around us with the Chakra Secrets of Truth and Beauty Program.

    Nothing is more fun than success.

    This program includes ancient Chakra Rituals, Healing Tea Ceremonies, Vedic Skin Rejuvenation, rare Tantric Meditations, emotional understandings, and other harmonizations from Chakra Yoga. Instead of a quick fix that looks fake, or worse, what I am offering you are effective, time tested ways to ensure vigor, beauty, strength and increase the life force in ourselves.

    We can stop the downward spiral. We can actually reverse it and become more radiantly beautiful and spiritually bright as time passes. Don't believe it is true?

    Yoga has been around for a long, long time (over 5000 years), but many of the technologies have been lost, edited or forgotten in the current way yoga has been hijacked by mainstream commercialization.

    It was not always this way, my father and my dear teacher, Ranjani (Dr. Mary-Elaine Cobo) were very much focused on the aspects I am offering in this program.

    This program requires weekly dedication, and at first it might not be fun to spend extra time cleaning our emotional energy and appearance. I can ensure you steady daily improvement, and with the full 3 months, you will experience a major change in both how your life feels, your body feels, your skin feels and glows, and how you feel within it.

    Each month you will receive new skincare products, teas, crystals, ceremonial herbs, and meditations which build on the previous material. It will be very cool for you to witness your own progress. Nothing is more encouraging than real success.

    Included in your monthly boxes will also be gifts and samples to share with friends and family in case you want to help others shine brighter as well.

    Rae Indigo

    Chakra Secrets of Truth and Beauty Program Summary

  • 3 Months of weekly lectures and practices on how to empower your Chakras.

  • Learn how to harmonize the 5 elements within.

  • Learn secret teachings from ancient Tantra Yoga. 

  • Detox bad memories and impurities in your consciousness.

  • Learn Chakra radiance to shine in all aspects of life.

  • Enjoy Healing Tea Ceremonies for digestive health and detoxing your skin.

  • Pamper your body with Vedic Skin Therapies to experience healthy soft, youthful complexion, hair, scalp and body.

  • Hydrate and replenish from the inside out with simple cleansing and exfoliating practices.

  • Begin each week with a live class on how to use your products.

  • Immerse yourself in powerful meditations from Chakra Yoga.

  • Your box of goodies could not be fresher, or made with more care.

  • Monthly Program Workbook and Activity Journal as printable PDFs.

  • Everything you need for face, neck, body, hands and feet.

  • Lifetime access to the Radiant Beauty Community.

  • All teachings are recorded, so if you cannot make the live class, you can access later.

  • What's Included in the Program 

    3 months of weekly Live Instructional and Meditation Calls with Rae - with focus on teaching the Chakra systems, communication with the Elementals, Tantric breath work and Ayurvedic beauty care therapies for complexion, body and haircare.  

    1 chakra meditation box including altar pieces, crystal vajras, san pedro and other etheric cleansing herbs.


    3 monthly boxes of Luxury, 100% Fresh Organic skincare with your personal consultation.

    Boxes Include:-

    ~ Organic Complexion Serum Protocol - Includes 3 steps

    ~ Organic Ayurvedic Luxury Body Scrubs - alternating between abrasive, hydrating, and detoxing scrubs for hands, feet, lips, scalp and full body

    ~ Choice of my Luxurious organic Body Serums and Body Creams

    ~ Organic Scalp Serums

    ~ Organic Gentle Resurfacing Face Mask

    ~ Organic Luxury Bath Bombs

    ~ Female Hydration Serum 


    3 months Box of specially curated, finest quality, cleansing and nourishing Flower and Berry Teas

    12 months access to the Membership Area - where all call recordings can be replayed at any time and where you can download your workbooks and PDF files.

    20-mins Private One-to-One Consultation with Rae - to assess your individual needs in the program.  

    3 monthly Chakra Yoga Workbook and Activity Journal - to log your actions and chart your progress.


    Total $2,750 (or 6 monthly payments of $525)

    Includes all Products and Teachings for the full 6 months.

    + 100 hrs Yoga Alliance Certification - Chakra Yoga of Energy & Radiance.  

    Most Lectures will be on Saturdays with a few Tuesdays Private Consultations June 15th - June 22nd
    Live calls begin after 4th July Weekend

    and there will be 2-3 calls per month
    through July, August, Sept and Oct

    You will also receive 3-4 short 5-min Chakra Meditation Videos each week that you can add to your summer of love. 

    I won’t be offering a course on this subject of Chakras, Elementals, and Emotions for at least 6 years, so if you want to know this subject, please don’t miss it. 


    No questions asked, 14-day money back guarantee.

    Just let me know within 14 days of beginning the program, and I will refund you fully. I believe in my products, and programs and create them to bring happiness and wellbeing.  

    So if for any reason this doesn’t work out for you, you have no risk, just let me know.

    For My Dad

    I am leading this program as a continued dedication to the memory of my father, who taught me hatha yoga practices from childhood.

    And in his memory, let’s make the world a more radiant place.

    *This is a photo of us on a hike from summer 2020.

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