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Look Best, Live Best
Ayurvedic Beauty Detox & Thrive Program 2022

Revitalizing Your Skin & Your Emotions to a new level of Beauty

Dec 28th Video Replay -
Klesha Clearing

In this workshop I explained the fundamentals of clearing the charges, the Kleshas off your past experiences.

Jan 6th Video replay -

Detoxing Your Past with Breathwork

In this workshop I explained how to clear and utilize the entire respiratory system, from your nostrils to your diaphragm.

Jan 11th Video Replay - Clear the Mind - Meditation and Stillness in Practice

In the workshop we learn what meditation is, and an easy technique to enter a meditative state during our day-to-day life. This will improve interactions, and increase the feeling of being at ease and at peace in a turbulent, chaotic and challenging world.

Jan 13th Video replay - Clearing Out the Stress Closet 

In this workshop we understand what stress really is, what it’s not, and how to directly remove stress from your life. This is not stress management, but full removal of stress. A life-changing and life-affirming workshop of ancient yogic wisdom.

Jan 18th Video Replay - Karmic Archery - How to Clear Karma Consciously 

In this workshop we explored how to direct our karmic intentions with practical realizations using the ancient wisdom of Karma Yoga