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Radiant Beauty Vitality Challenge

Increasing the Vitality Force
- Attract, Emanate, Illuminate - 

It's time to start increasing our Vital Force
- so that we can Radiate our Natural Beauty
and Illuminate those who matter to us most in time for the Holiday Season. 
5-Day Introductory Challenge Course - Starts September 14th - $25 enrollment.  

*Full Course starts Saturday September 25th  

Awaken the sleeping vitality force within, shed the old you and find your luminous self.
Let the old toxicity fall away like the autumn leaves. 
The time to Shine Bright is NOW!

Register to awaken the Vital Force within!

Are you feeling dull, tired and overwhelmed? This means the vital force has been asleep too long. 

Our lives are precious, each moment spent cannot be returned.
Remorse is a poison you need not drink.
Don't spend the rest of this year in obscurity.

It's time to lighten your spirit and shed your body of the dead layers hiding your true radiant beauty. The people you love NEED your support they want to bask in the warmth of your inner fire. 

Your skin is the biggest organ
, your physical boundary and you have direct access to it. You can massage it, you can treat it, but few of us have the time to figure out the right steps and the most time effective routines to get results.

Most skin care products are loaded with ingredients that are ineffective and harmful. Even though we trust these big brand names and feel good when we apply them to our skin, the overall long-term effect is a degradation of skin quality and an absorption of chemicals harmful to the body

There is a better way,
a more natural way, that isn't time consuming and does bring lasting and effective results without harming us

This natural way, grounded in ancient Hatha Yoga, combines vitality meditations with 100% natural, fresh skin care.

The power of your vitality and how you feel in your own skin is something that you and the people you love deserve. 

Most people know that they could have vastly increased energy, greater emotional resilience and a more vigorous approach to life. Most people have heard of meditation apps, but it's vastly different to learn specialized meditations form a real living Yogi.

Combine these meditations with simple Vitality Inducing Bathing and Cleansing Rituals from Ancient Hatha Yoga and feel the change unfold.  

Join us on Tuesday September 14th

To prepare for your Vitality Challenge

You will receive an email with your upcoming shopping list of easy to find items that you will be using over these 5 Days. 

When you increase Vitality by being specific communication with your skin, you affect your energy levels and your primal exuberance for life. 

Through exceptional exfoliation and potent Chakra meditations, you will rid yourself of the partial decay that drags you down and holds you back. 

Hatha yoga teaches us how to create Well-Living. 

The purpose of Yoga is not just a therapy, but to awaken the latent potential each being is born with, but which slowly falls asleep through the duration of your life.

Experience the Power Within. 

You will emanate your natural state of being and there's never been a time that's more needed in the world.  

Of course, your natural state of being is beautiful, kind powerful, harmonious , bringing uplift to all you meet. 

For My Dad

I am leading this challenge as a dedication to the memory of my father, who taught me hatha yoga practices from childhood.

And in his memory, let’s make the world a more radiant place.

*This is a photo of us on a hike from summer 2020.

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